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 If you are considering Collingwood as a school for your child, or if your child is to join us for the first time, we look forward to a happy and successful relationship over the coming years.

 We hope the information in our prospectus will help you to decide whether Collingwood can offer your child the kind of education to meet their needs.
You may have received our prospectus during a visit to the school when you will have had a chance to meet pupils and staff and to see the learning environment.
If you have not yet visited the school then we urge you to do so. You will be sure of a warm welcome and have the opportunity to ask all of those questions that are so
important to you and your child.
If you already have a child with us we are pleased to provide you with information for the new school year to ensure that you are fully informed of any changes taking place within the school.
Collingwood School values everyone who has contact with us. You can be assured that we recognise the vital role that parents play and we seek to work in partnership with parents at all times.

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  • School Twitter Feeds

     Collingwood School now has various Twitter accounts so parents and friends of Collingwood can keep up to date with what's been happening in school. 
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  • NODIS Awards

    Students of Collingwood school were delighted to hear several of their films had won awards in the regional NODIS awards for digital media, the winners were  Gravity Control,  The Cat in The Hat, The Health and Safety Film and the Y13 Photostory.
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  • BBC School Report

    19th March, 2013
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